Ask Michelle - Naming a Business

Over at the TC Collective Facebook Group, this question has come up several times in the last year – so I thought it was a good one here for the blog. In this post, I’ve expanded a bit more than I could in the original post on Facebook.

How do I choose a name for my Transaction Coordinator business?

Choosing a name for a new business or program is one of my favorite things to do with people – here’s my advice on this topic – I hope it helps some of you.

To start with, grab a sheet of paper and begin to write down all the words that come to mind that relate to what you do, whom you are working with (but don’t use the word, Realtor, that’s restricted), and maybe your location or things you like. This step is just a brain dump, if you will, of words. Don’t hold back, and don’t judge anything that pops into your head; just start writing.

Keep adding to this list for a few days and then when you feel it’s a pretty full list, sit down and start crossing off those you no longer think are helpful. For instance, if you put home down, then later add house, and you feel home is a better word for you, then remove the other.

You may also want to keep a Thesaurus handy to help you find other similar words.

After you’ve removed or refined your list, grab a fresh sheet of paper and, taking some of the remaining words, start to assemble them in a variety of ways to form names for your company or program. You may even ask a friend, mentor, or family member to help you with this part.

After you’ve come up with a few ideas for names you like, sleep on it for a few more days. Trying them out for size – saying them aloud. Ask a few people to give you feedback on what they think when they hear the name.

One thing to consider in the name you come up with is it easy to spell and memorable (don’t make it too hard for those of us who are grammatically challenged).

After you’ve found the company name that works for you, check to see if anyone else has it. The last thing any of us want is someone sending us a cease and desist once we’re up and running in our business.

Once you’ve found the name that truly feels right to you, register it with the state (or have someone assist you if you’ve never done it) and purchase the URL. You may also consider purchasing variations of that URL, such as .net and a plural version as well, depending on the name you’ve chosen; however,  you’ll only use the one for all of your email and website marketing.

Choosing a name for your company or a new program offering can be daunting and exciting at the same time. Remember, this is yours, and it’s to help define who you are, the offering you’re making, and the people who you most want to resonate with it. Don’t get into the comparison game with other businesses. Listen to your instincts on what feels right for you – and go for it!

Good luck to you all in your Transaction Coordinator Business naming endeavor.