Growing your Transaction Coordinator Business

One of the most common questions I get from fellow Transaction Coordinators is “how do I get clients”?

A good question for sure to know the answer to as all businesses depend on clients.

I think the first thing you must do is know who your ideal client is – hint, it’s not just any or every Realtor in your market.

Next, you have to actually get your message in front of your ideal client – here’s a few ways I’ve found success in marketing and spreading the word about my transaction coordinator business:

  • Regular eZine to your email list – (not spam)
  • Direct mail to targeted list
  • Postcard announcements
  • Post cards – thinking of you
  • Thank you cards
  • Referral Program – ASK for referrals
  • Speaking at small groups or events
  • YouTube – weekly show, how to series, promotional
  • Host an event or workshop, live, tele-seminar or via a webinar
  • Radio show – yours or guest on others
  • Cross promotion with fellow businesses
  • Give away – i.e. “Win it Wednesday” or “Free Gift Friday” via social media
  • Press Release
  • Expos or trade shows
  • T-Shirts that create a conversation
  • Writing for your blog and/or a guest blogger on another site
  • Social media
  • Network events
  • Testimonials – Raving Fans
  • A captivating elevator pitch (on that will make your ideal client beg to work with you)

Lastly, you have to develop a follow-up plan to stay connected with those you’ve met who you feel would be great clients for your business as well as those who could be referrals. Remember, people want to feel that you’re offering them something of value when they hear from you, not just always asking for them to buy – if you do the latter, you’ll be ignored, or they will unsubscribe.

If you need a little help with any of this, you may find our SMS course or TC Biz course just what you need to dive deeper into these topics.

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