Transaction Coordinating as a Business

Turn your Career as a Transaction Coordinator
into a Successful Business

In 2005, I had the wild idea to start a Transaction Coordinating business. With passion, enthusiasm and some blind luck it’s been a success, however, it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve failed many times and lost count of the times I thought about giving up. I put this course together to help you avoid some of the many mistakes I’ve made along the way and to help you have the confidence to reach for your dream.

The content of this course is much of what I’ve learned about running a transaction coordinating business over the years. You’ll find it packed full of everything from marketing, sales, boundaries, tools, systems, mindset and so much more. It’s the course I wish I’d had when I started way back when. Sure, you too could learn all of this the way I did, the hard way, but I assure you that is a painful way to do it and also costly.

If you’re serious about making your career as a TC into a successful business and ready to be supported along the way, then this is the course for you.

Michelle Spalding
Instructor / Coach / Founder of Transaction Coordinator Academy

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

How do you go from TC to TC Business owner? It’s more than just buying business cards and having a website. In this section learn what it takes to step fully into being an entrepreneur.

Module 2: Being a Business Owner

You’re in charge, now what? Being a business owner comes with its share of joys and challenges. In this section, we’ll dive deep into what it takes to run it successfully.

Module 3: Finding Clients

We all know it takes paying client’s to have a business. So how do you find them, market to them, sell them on your magnificent service and keep them coming back for more?

In this jam-packed section you’ll also discover how to identify your ideal client and 33 ways to market that will help you create a thriving TC Business.
All this and more is revealed in this section.

Module 4: Business Systems

There are many tools out there in the marketplace that are designed to help entrepreneurs get more done in less time.

In this section we cover the tools, the money and keeping yourself and your business safe.

Module 5: Managing the Business

This is YOUR business which means you get to run it your way and being paid nicely for doing it. Learn more about pricing, boundaries and growth.

Module 6: Get Additional Support

It takes a team to make a dream happen. This doesn’t mean a full-time team, it often means a team of people who will help you in building your business. Learn about building a team, accepting support and how to do it all on a budget.

Module 7: Resources 

Some of the many resources you’ll find include a printable glossary of common real estate terms, a review of my favorite software for managing transactions as well as a list of my favorite books.

Module 8: Mindset

Who would have thought that being an entrepreneur would be the best personal development course one could take? This business isn’t always easy. Sure, it’s rewarding to have a part in helping a Realtor build their business and see a buyer/seller achieve their goals as well. But what about you? In this module, which may possibly be the most important one in your success as a TC, you’ll learn what can you do to make your work easier and have a greater impact on the people you meet daily.

Bonus #1: TC Website Checklist


BONUS #2: Paperback book

Autographed copy of the book “The Road From Contract To Close” will be mailed to you upon registration of course.

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