Strategic Planning Mastermind Intensive

This half or full-day program is exclusively offered to transaction coordinators. Designed to help you define your  business’s big vision or a new project you’d like to take on and create steps to achieve it.

You + Me + Massive Focus for One Day = BIG RESULTS

You’ve got big dreams and a big vision of what you’d like your business and life to look like. It’s time to commit to creating a plan to bring your big vision to life. It’s time to take the next step and make it happen.
But how you ask….….….. how do you figure it out and create a plan to do it? That’s where I can help, we’ll do it together.

If you are ready for massive transformation and solutions to some of your biggest challenges along with a plan of the action steps needed to accomplish your personal and professional goals, then the Strategic Planning Intensive may be your perfect solution

How does Strategic Planning Intensive Day looks like

  • Planning your next 6-12 months of business in detail 
  • Creating marketing packages, plans, and sales action plan 
  • Mapping out your business launch or new program offerings 
  • Adding team members, plans for locating, interviewing, training and more

Depending on the option you choose, we’ll spend a full or half day together here in charming Waco, Texas or via Zoom, if travel is not possible. Before the day begins, I’ll do an analysis and review of your vision, challenges and timeline.

We’ll prioritize your goals and personalize your strategic planning intensive day experience.

 After your your big day you’ll walk away with a detailed PLAN for everything you need to achieve your business goals and feel good about your plan because it’s totally aligned with what matters most to you and specifically how YOU work best.

Find out more about the Soul Crafted Success Strategic Planning Intensive Day by jumping on a complimentary 30-minute call with me. I’ll walk you through the program, answer all your questions and if you and we click and want to continue, which I’m sure we will, I’ll get your VIP day on the books.